Planting Roots of Peace

Amani expands far beyond a company producing handmade, quality African crafts. While we work diligently to produce and provide the finest products for customers, we are equally as invested in establishing a healthy, supportive community within the walls of Amani Kenya.

Each morning, we begin the day with a group prayer, joining together as one to give thanks. At this time, we read a short scripture, then open to receive prayer requests and joys requiring celebrations and thanks. We join in song, building each other up and lifting our praises high. This time is so valuable to every member at Amani Kenya, which is why it’s implemented into our daily routine. 

This allows the Amani family to maintain relationships and connections with each other in a deeper, more meaningful way. The times where we unite and seek an opportunity to seek support and establish peace within one another is vital to the growth of the many women who view Amani as their safe space. 

As each woman passes through the doors of Amani, they are welcomed warmly, offered so much more than a place of work. They are given a support system, encouragement and empowerment to fully be themselves. With a diverse range of backgrounds, each person’s story is unique, but always welcomed. 

With principles established on relationships and companionship, women are encouraged to plant their roots and grow. They are offered an opportunity to grasp financial stability for themselves and their family. When women make the decision to begin a new chapter with Amani, loving arms welcome them in, showing appreciation for the Lord’s unbreakable foundation.

Fostering community remains a priority for us, and we are thankful to offer a hub of community to so many beautifully talented and strong women who find themselves in Nairobi, Kenya.